Projects and Initiatives

last course-1-16Some of our Projects and Initiatives are grant funded. We also work closely with agencies such as the Job Centre and Careers SW to provide work experience opportunities and Motivational and Confidence Building courses.

Current and New Projects and Initiatives

  • Forest Garden - a volunteer led project to create a beautiful forest community garden at Butterdon Wood.
  • Work Experience Programmes through the Job Centre – working in partnership with the job centre we provide courses, both full time and part time, in Rural Skills, Green Woodworking and Therapeutic Horticulture. For further information please speak with your Job Centre Advisor.

Previous Projects

  • Rural Skills courses – funded by the Princes Countryside Fund
  • Therapeutic Horticulture – funded by the Clare Milne Trust
  • Bushcraft Weekend Activities – funded by the Dulverton Trust
  • Aiming High – bushcraft for children with additional needs – funded by Devon County Council
  • Aiming High- Bushcraft Activities to help mainstream and children with addtional needs integrate better.
  • Horse Equipment for logging and woodland management – funded by the Ernest Cook Trust
  • Bushcraft for people at risk of exclusion – funded by Awards for All